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How important is prayer in your life? Discover how to give it more prominence and how to be more effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Prayer

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Frequently Asked Questions on Prayer

Christmas Dinner Prayer
You are wondering why people get so religious at Christmas time. Why all the services, prayers, and songs?

Christmas Dinner Prayer Video
As a mother and son unpack the Christmas decorations they also unpack some less than happy memories involving the manger scene and some peanut butter covered fingers.

Corporate Prayer
What is the purpose of praying together in groups? Why do some people find it difficult? What are some things to remember?

Daily Prayer
Does God really care about our needs? What does the Bible say about meditations of the heart? Find out here.

Daily Prayer Video
What are we really asking for when we pray for patience, forgiveness, or understanding? Ultimately, we're trusting in God alone to grant us our requests.

Daniel Fast
What is a Daniel Fast? What are the guidelines? Why would you choose this type of fast? Is it safe?

Family Prayer
Do you have a desire to pray together as a family but lack the confidence to do so? This will help!

Family Prayer Video
What is fatherhood all about? How much time do you have? The SkitGuys tackle this all important topic.

God Remembers
Thank You so much heavenly Father for remembering my sacrifices. You have blessed me abundantly.

God's Banner
I am Yours, and You are mine, and my heart is filled with love for You today. Help me to be ever mindful of Your declarations of love.

God's Call for Intimacy
What is intimacy and how it is attained? Do we long for God... to have intimacy with Him?

God's Covering
The circumstances you are experiencing are but drops in the sea of God's capabilities. Learn how God covers you.

God's Fruitful Field
As the farmer waits for the rain with patience, so must you wait for God. The many years you have spent in preparation were necessary.

God's Mercies
Come quietly, and sit with Me awhile, and let Me encourage you today. All is not lost; all is not hopeless.

God's Perspective
Remember My salvation and the lessons you learned through the seasons of your life. Discard the unnecessary thoughts.

God's Support
Disappointment is such an insidious little fox, sneaking in before you realize it. It always waits patiently for you to be distracted from God.

God's Sweet Nectar
Learn to drink continually from the nectar of communion with God. Comfort, as you have been comforted.

God's Tender Moments
Pour into the pool of my life, into the deep places of my longing, that I may hear the whispers of Your heart. Show me unsearchable things I know not.

Healing Prayers
Discover what the Bible says about healing and when God heals. What is involved in healing?

Hearing God's Voice
The Holy Spirit was sent to help us communicate with God. Often, it’s just a matter of paying attention and listening intently.

Hindrances to Prayer
What does the Bible say about effective prayer? What hinders prayer? What is our responsibility for our prayers and how can we be more effective?

Hindrances to Prayer Video
A couple of things that hinder talking with God. The immediate and mundane demands of life, and even relationship can rob us of what we know is the most important thing we'll ever do...Talk with God.

How to Pray for Revival
Find out how to pray for revival, renewal, and the Spirit of God to move on the hearts of men and women in whatever country you are in.

Intercessory Prayer
We are called to pray for one another. Check out the wonderful sacrifice of praying faithfully for others.

Intercessory Prayer Video
Participate in the worship song, Air I Breathe. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.

Lord's Prayer
How should Christians pray to God the Father? Here's a devotion based on Christ's model in the Book of Matthew.

Lord's Prayer Video
Why should we pray in the will of God? Hank talks to Bobby about it. Learn more here.

Meditating on God’s Word
What is meditation and why is it important in the life of a believer? Find insight from the Bible on this topic.

Men Praying
Men can obtain biblical masculinity through prayer. Learn how men function best under pressure and through stress.

Model Prayer
What did Jesus teach us about prayer? What guidelines were we given? Find out what the Bible says.

Model Prayer Video
What was the point of Jesus' prayer? What can we learn from it? Find out here.

Power Of Prayer
Are my prayers really powerful and effective? Learn what the Bible says about talking to God. Is there a magical formula?

Power of Prayer Video
You make all things beautiful in my darkest night; Out of the ashes You bring life... Looking for hope? Worship with Destinysong.

Praise To God
Do you want to begin praising Him? Is it to be an outward expression or an inward part of your life?

Why does God consider prayer to be important? Find this out and read several articles on prayer and its purpose.

Prayer And Fasting
Taking your eyes off worldly things and focusing your thoughts on God, while going without food. Discover how this is done.

Prayer Discipline
Is prayer really a discipline? Can we improve in our prayer lives? Learn the importance of prayer and how to improve.

Prayer Discipline Video
What are some tips for developing a prayer discipline? Learn from North Point Ministries.

Prayer For Confession Of Sin
What does God want with someone like me? What if I’ve done things that God can’t forgive? Read this.

Prayer Of Jabez
A powerful prayer that can change your life of service through the power of God.

Prayer for Peace
Do you want to rid your life of worry? Do you desire peace? Consider this prayer to calm your heart.

Prayer for Peace Video
The Franz Family is an amazingly talented family band. Listen to their prayer for peace.

Prayer for Students
How do we pray for those students on campus? What are their needs and concerns? Learn how to pray for them here.

Prayers for Women
Do you struggle with praying? Learn how to pray effectively, what to pray for, and how to gain confidence in praying aloud.

Prayers for Women Video
Cathe Laurie discusses the top three reasons people don't pray. Find out here.

Prayers for the Dying
Are you in the position to pray with a dying person? Receive comfort from God through these prayers.

Praying God’s Word
What does it mean to pray God’s Word? How is it done? Can my prayer life be enriched through this practice?

Serenity Prayer
Study the whole prayer and learn how it can impact your life. From where does your help come?

Thanksgiving Prayer
Is it important that our prayers of thanks be memorized? What does Scripture say about when and how to thank God?

Unanswered Prayer
Can sin create a barrier between my prayers and God? Discover whether God considers your actions and attitudes before answering.

Unanswered Prayer Video
When you feel forsaken, hold on to the knowledge that God always comes through. He's never too early, but never too late.

Waiting on God
Are you tired of waiting for God’s perfect timing? What is the purpose of the wait? Does God have a reason?

Ways To Pray
Learn various types of prayer and discover how to incorporate them into your daily prayer life and relationship with God.

Ways to Pray Video
What does the Bible say about prayer? What are things we should request of God? What should be the focus?

What Is Prayer
Does God really hear us when we pray? How can we tell that He hears us? Check here for answers.

What is Prayer Video
Randall Niles uses some 21st century visuals from the technology world to explore the potential physics of prayer.

Why Should We Pray
Why do we pray? Does it do any good? What does the Bible say about prayer and the necessity of it?

Why Should We Pray Video
Hank talks with Bobby about the point of prayer and why it's important that Christians pray. What's the point of prayer?

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